I like the domesday sentiment of the pregnant and dumped headline as if Kim and Kylie are plebs like the rest of us. When the dads in question are Kanye and Tyga, and the Kardashians have millions, I think it's probably a positive thing. » 4/01/15 4:48pm Today 4:48pm

Whatever on the yoga pants, but HIGH FUCKING FIVE to advertising you're discontinuing something. I've been wearing Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation for years. YEARS! Imagine my dismay when I went to restock and was told it was discontinued. I bought their new line, and it's nowhere near the same for my skin type. I have… » 3/25/15 3:13pm 3/25/15 3:13pm

What a terrible analogy. If you are an employee who will at some point operate a vehicle on company business, then you usually always get a background check. And if at any point you do get a DUI (even if it is in your free time), they usually will forbid you from operating a vehicle on business. And if that's an… » 3/24/15 3:26pm 3/24/15 3:26pm

THIS is the best dressed at SXSW? Things must have gotten pretty lame since I moved away 5 years ago. "Southern, urban, chic" — if that's the look she was going for, she totally missed that mark. Pajamas?? A quirky panda outfit?? You're mocking SXSW, aren't you? If so, carry on. » 3/23/15 7:56pm 3/23/15 7:56pm

I try to do the glittery eye look when I am going out on the town, but it ends up everywhere. By the end of the night, it's even all over my husband. No hot make-out sessions, the stuff just magically transfers to anyone who gets too close. Does anyone have any brands they like or can recommend? Currently using Urban… » 3/20/15 12:17pm 3/20/15 12:17pm

This is - well, was - true for me and my husband, but woo-weeee, ladies! I don't know if it's because I'm ovulating right now or what, but the baby fever has been hitting me hard recently. I had a friend tell me she was pregnant last weekend after not ordering booze at dinner. Normally, I'd be relived I was able to… » 3/19/15 4:39pm 3/19/15 4:39pm

65-80 hour work weeks

I commonly see people in my company logging 65-80 hours every week. Is it bad that I'm dubious? I only see timesheets in my position and not their actual work, but it just seems completely unrealistic to see multiple people working 70+ hours a week on average. And if they are really working every single one of those… » 3/18/15 5:00pm 3/18/15 5:00pm

I know nothing of these people, but the guy is wearing a suit and tie. Lots of people wear suits and ties. Am I missing something? Did this girl's husband corner to market on something that generic? » 3/17/15 12:46pm 3/17/15 12:46pm

I sometimes do this in my car when I have no tissue but really need to get something nasty out of my nose. I'm giving the girl the benefit of the doubt. If she needed to do something to fix her face in some way but had a crowd and cameras around her, her only choice for some quick privacy to pick her nose would be to… » 3/17/15 12:01pm 3/17/15 12:01pm

If you look at the back of Chris' suit jacket after the awkward long hug where Britt is clawing her fingers into his back, you can see fingerprints left behind from her rubbing her face so much. » 3/03/15 11:59am 3/03/15 11:59am

I would give the tuna girl a pass. It sounds like maybe she was asking if they had actual tuna steaks rather than chunk tuna, she just wasn't asking correctly. Tuna salad =/= tuna steak unless this place is legit and making tuna salad from tuna steak and not chunk canned tuna. » 3/02/15 2:19pm 3/02/15 2:19pm

Could be completely misremembering various articles, but I feel like there's been a lot of studies and articles in the last year that talk about how a lot of women are reverting back to the traditional roles rather than embracing careers. It's almost like the career woman has peaked, and we're now in the age of being… » 2/25/15 12:13pm 2/25/15 12:13pm

Kim gets paid to promote products, so how do we really know she actually uses these? If I used that much shit on my face, I imagine it would be an oily mess. » 2/24/15 6:15pm 2/24/15 6:15pm

I think that's a stretch to say being a widow was the center point of Silver Linings Playbook. She won an oscar playing someone who was dealing with her own issues, one of which was being a widow. She was also a recovering sex addict that just lost her job. The focus of the movie is how two people who are off balance… » 2/22/15 3:35pm 2/22/15 3:35pm

After seeing Beyonce in the Super Bowl, I marked my calendar to buy tickets to her world tour. After seeing Katy Perry, I unfortunately put a line through her name on my pop music concert list. If you have the power of the super bowl behind you with guests stars and fireworks and everything else, and you still only… » 2/02/15 10:24am 2/02/15 10:24am