FWIW, I lived abroad, and I’ve taken vacations abroad. If you’re going on vacation abroad, I’m usually satisfied and ready to come home after 10 days. I’ve spent my budget, I’ve seen things, I’ve wined and dined, and I’m tired and ready to just get back home and back into things. You have to think of why you’re going… » 4/26/15 12:30pm Yesterday 12:30pm

I am so confused. The whole point of the Target lines is to make it more affordable for the masses. Why would someone pay $650 for a dumbed down “designer” line at target that retails at $40? For $650, they could just go to Lilly’s website and buy three of the real deal dresses that aren’t of lower quality. They know… » 4/23/15 3:17pm Thursday 3:17pm

Usually companies use cheap labor to lower prices. Lower prices = inconsistency in sizing. So, if I’m paying more, why the hell did the exact same jeans I ordered in a larger size fit me completely different (not just a size up)? Oh, because one was made in Mexico and the other in Bangladesh. You want me to pay… » 4/14/15 5:22pm 4/14/15 5:22pm

I used to never get the flu shot until I actually got the flu. I was traveling during holiday break from grad school, pretty run down from stress and other factors which probably weakened my immune system. I was never against the flu shot, but I just didn't see the reason since I never got sick. After spending two… » 4/06/15 5:13pm 4/06/15 5:13pm

Whatever on the yoga pants, but HIGH FUCKING FIVE to advertising you're discontinuing something. I've been wearing Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation for years. YEARS! Imagine my dismay when I went to restock and was told it was discontinued. I bought their new line, and it's nowhere near the same for my skin type. I have… » 3/25/15 3:13pm 3/25/15 3:13pm

What a terrible analogy. If you are an employee who will at some point operate a vehicle on company business, then you usually always get a background check. And if at any point you do get a DUI (even if it is in your free time), they usually will forbid you from operating a vehicle on business. And if that's an… » 3/24/15 3:26pm 3/24/15 3:26pm

THIS is the best dressed at SXSW? Things must have gotten pretty lame since I moved away 5 years ago. "Southern, urban, chic" — if that's the look she was going for, she totally missed that mark. Pajamas?? A quirky panda outfit?? You're mocking SXSW, aren't you? If so, carry on. » 3/23/15 7:56pm 3/23/15 7:56pm

I try to do the glittery eye look when I am going out on the town, but it ends up everywhere. By the end of the night, it's even all over my husband. No hot make-out sessions, the stuff just magically transfers to anyone who gets too close. Does anyone have any brands they like or can recommend? Currently using Urban… » 3/20/15 12:17pm 3/20/15 12:17pm