Demi Lovato continues to be amazing. I've commented before about how much I love her and appreciate everything she says as I've been trying to recover from 10+ years of bulimia. I've gained weight and couldn't fit into the dress I wanted to wear to a Christmas party last weekend. I was so angry at myself. I cried and… » 12/17/14 8:36pm Wednesday 8:36pm

I didn't read the Rolling Stones article, only blog posts and recaps it inspired. She may have said it was an official rager that night. However, as a former greek lifer in college, frats would have ad hoc parties all the time. So, not a real frat party in the sense, but still a bunch of girls and guys hanging out,… » 12/06/14 10:49am 12/06/14 10:49am

I don't know, I think Yolanda fills the mother hen role much better than Lisa. Even when she does have drama, it never feels like she's in the trenches. I really believe her when she says she accepts and moves on. Unlike Kyle, it doesn't have to mean she wants to be Lisa's closest friend and partner in crime. It just… » 11/19/14 12:29pm 11/19/14 12:29pm

I got a Vineyard Vines catalogue in the mail. Tacky clothes, but everyone modeling them looked like normal people. Like, not just un-photoshopped people, but young women with thighs that touch *gasp* and older women with crows feet. It was so refreshing and unexpected for preppy-yuppy New Englander clothes. Why can't… » 11/04/14 3:41pm 11/04/14 3:41pm

What?? How old are you? Oops came out in 2000, which is when Napster and other illegal downloading sites were hugely popular. If you compare 2000 to 2014, it is so much easier to buy an album now. I'd say your point actually goes to Britney. She sold albums before you could legally sit at home and buy then download… » 11/02/14 9:45pm 11/02/14 9:45pm

I used to eat Chobani, then I went to Italy for two weeks. I came back home and grabbed a container of Chobani, and I couldn't get through it. Way too sweet! I guess because I ate less processed foods in Italy, it cut down on my refined sugar consumption and eventually my taste buds adjusted. I had to switch to Fage… » 10/30/14 6:09pm 10/30/14 6:09pm

I also (sheepishly) started watching reruns during the day because I work from home. Apparently, Jim Bob and Michelle did use birth control when they first got married. She stopped when they decided to get pregnant, she miscarried, and some wakadoodle Christian doctor told them birth control can cause miscarriages. I… » 10/29/14 2:37pm 10/29/14 2:37pm