I love Gaga. I've had an eating disorder for over a decade now (don't worry, getting help), and there are very few celebrities that speak about having an eating disorder that don't make me roll my eyes. Headlines about "XX OPENS UP ABOUT HER EATING DISORDER!" where said celebrity admits to throwing up once or twice… » 9/19/14 8:45pm Yesterday 8:45pm

The Kendall story is complete bullshit. Does anyone actually believe Kim and Kanye would actually help someone's career other than their own? "Hey, can you do me a favor, well not for me, but for my sister/sister in law..." Do any of us actually believe that left either one of their mouths? ANYONE?! » 9/17/14 8:43pm Wednesday 8:43pm

Whoopi said something on the View this week which is kind of sad, but insightful. The panel was discussing how once you become a celebrity, you're not a normal person anymore. Whoopi said that she feels a lot of celebrities, including herself at one time, used marriage as a way to feel more normal in such a weird life. » 9/17/14 4:00pm Wednesday 4:00pm

When I was playing meteorologist for my wedding in a gulf state, I read that they expected it to be an El Niño year, so the pacific would have a more active hurricane season. And if the Pacific is raging, the Atlantic can't compete, meaning a much less active hurricane season for the southeast US. I don't know if the… » 9/14/14 10:59pm Sunday 10:59pm

Okay - maybe this makes me a pearl clutcher, but I watched the video and did a screen cap of the pic. To be honest, I wouldn't be all that thrilled if this were how my daughter were remembered in the senior yearbook. It's not just hiding behind a tree naked - she's cupping her boob and hanging out. I can't exactly see… » 9/09/14 9:02am 9/09/14 9:02am

Please make me feel better about wedding dress wrinkles.

I know, who cares. I got my wedding pictures back, and they are really awesome. The only thing that is driving me crazy are the ginormous amount of wrinkles during the ceremony pictures. It's my inner perfectionist coming out where the photo, and really when you get down to it me, would look so much better if there… » 9/08/14 11:55pm 9/08/14 11:55pm

You can't be an actress that stars in athletic movies (Hunger Games) and say you suck at everything except acting. And also, what an odd response to "What do you do to de-stress" that goes semi-off the rails when she tries to back pedal over the working out statement. "What do you do to destress?" "Sometimes I… » 9/06/14 1:40pm 9/06/14 1:40pm

If I ever have to recline my seat, I only do it just a smidge to try and be considerate. My husband who is 6'4 is so nice he will sit cramped in his seat and not recline. It's a lose/lose for him in being courteous to the person behind him, because the person in front of him always reclines their seat all the way and… » 8/29/14 10:29am 8/29/14 10:29am

I really don't know why this idea is worth an entire blog post making fun of it? I love workout gear that gives me a place to tuck away my key or chapstick when I go running. And no, I'm not kidding. When it freezing cold outside on a long run, my lips dry out from mouth breathing. » 8/28/14 6:05pm 8/28/14 6:05pm

When I first saw this on Jezebel last night, I expected Sofia probably loved the idea. I have no problem with her whatsoever, but she is kind of known for being the hot ditzy babe. That's her thing, and the whole pedestal skit falls right in line with everything else she does. Would Sofia exist if she wasn't every bit… » 8/26/14 10:06am 8/26/14 10:06am